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Important Forms

Degree Checklists

Once you have declared your major, review the requirements for graduation carefully with your assigned advisor.  Scan the checklists below, select the checklist that applies to your declared degree program, and meet with your advisor to review the requirements: 

Student Research

If you are a junior or senior Psychology major, you may be interested in participating in a teaching mentorship, tutorial, independent study, or Bachelor's Essay under the direction of a faculty member (see the most recent College Catalog for course descriptions, gradepoint requirements, and prerequisites).  Next, speak with faculty members and identify an individual who has agreed to work with you (you may find the descriptions of faculty research interests on our departmental webpage helpful).  Once you have identified a mentor and obtained his or her consent, work with this individual to produce a description of your project and its requirements.  Finally, complete the appropriate form below, obtain the requested signatures, and submit it to the Associate Chair of the Psychology Department for approval:  

Change in Psychology Advisor

If you are already a Psychology major and would like to change your advisor, please complete the following form and deliver it to the Psychology Department Office:

Forms from the Registrar's Office

The "Forms" page maintained by the Registrar's Office includes numerous forms that might be of interest to you (e.g., Course Withdrawal, Drop/AddOverload RequestCoursework Elsewhere). Instructions are on the forms themselves available at the following URL: