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Seniors Only: Graduating from the College

As you approach your senior year, you need to “get your ducks in a row.”  Fortunately, all of the resources for graduating students are gathered in two locations.  First, review the resources on the Senior Information page maintained by the College.  To participate in commencement, you must first apply to graduate and be cleared for your upcoming graduation by the Office of the Registrar.  The Senior Information page contains information about when and how to complete the application for graduation; the calendar of December and May graduation events; practical information concerning tickets, attire, flowers, and graduation fees; information about senior class activities; and more.

The second resource for seniors is the Graduation Information page maintained by the Office of the Registrar.  The Registrar's Office is the academic record-keeping division of the College, so it is here that decisions are made as to whether you have sufficient coursework and grade point average to graduate.  The information on this page reminds you, for instance, that you should run a Degree Audit and submit a Graduation Application in your senior year.  The Registrar's Graduation Information page also contains, among other resources, a list of qualifications needed to Graduate with Honors.