Graduate Study by Psychology Majors in Fields Other than Psychology

The psychology major is an excellent background for graduate study in a number of related fields. Our majors have gone on to graduate study in a variety of fields such as social work, speech pathology, physical therapy, management, human relations, outdoor recreation, computing, nursing, criminology, penology, child development, cognitive science, and public health.  An excellent campus resource for several of these areas is the Health Professions Advising webpage, maintained by Karen Eippert, the College's Health Professions Advisor.  

In a recent survey of 4,320 psychology majors, 24% planned post-baccalaureate study in some other field. Some of the fields entered include Medicine, Law, Theology, Dentistry, Education, Business, Social Work, and Physical Science.  If you are interested in one of these fields, we strongly suggest that you consult the Career Center, contact someone in the community who has first-hand knowledge of the field, and write to the appropriate graduate or professional schools for information. Your advisor will be glad to assist you, but the complete information that you need is, in all likelihood, beyond his or her expertise.