Psychology Major Degree Requirements

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) Degree in Psychology

The B.A. requires 33 hours in Psychology courses.  In general, the B.A. program is designed to provide a general liberal arts major for students who are interested in psychology but wish to explore other disciplines as well.   It requires fewer psychology courses than the B.S. program (e.g., the lab class is not required).   For instance, a student who wants to work in an area such as education, business, social work, or the health professions, and who will need to take more coursework in that area as well as in psychology, might be interested in this program.

B.S. (Bachelor of Science) Degree in Psychology

The B.S. requires 48 hours in Psychology courses.  In general, the B.S. program is designed to prepare students for research-oriented graduate work in psychology and related scientific disciplines.  It involves extra psychology courses, more advanced mathematics, and additional statistics, methodology, and research courses.  For instance, a student preparing to pursue a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology, neuroscience, or cognitive science might be advised to follow this path.

Once you have reviewed the requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degree tracks, check our Advising Tips for Course Selection.  These are suggestions that we have concerning your selection and sequencing of courses for the Psychology major.  For example, we recommend that students take one or more mathematics courses prior to enrollment in Psyc 211 or Psyc 250.